Monday, February 1, 2010

Animals that aren't birds

Most people aren't too excited with bird sightings.  They can only identify a dozen or two, and most are types, rather than species.  "Gull", "Woodpecker", "Sparrow", possibly getting as specific as "Robin" or "Crow".  

Sighting a mammal is more exciting to these poor non-birders.  Mind you, it's also exciting to birders!  I love it when our birding trips also turn up animal sightings, they're much more rare to see than birds! 

Here's the moose I mentioned earlier, at Hecla, May 2005 (you can see the profile of her head in that patch of yellow grass).  Thought I had a better photo, but I couldn't find any!  Maybe we snagged her with the video camera.  

Eastern Cottontail (I think) in the English Garden at Assiniboine Park, July of 2004.  
That's a badger!  Only time I've seen one, too! Near Glenboro, July 2004. 

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