Monday, January 2, 2012

Chipping Sparrow!!

Just popping by to say hello, check out my New Years (okay, day after new years) visitor, a Chipping Sparrow!  First time I've seen one of these cuties later than JUNE!  Looking over my records, that seems unbelievable, but all my sightings are reported for only May and June!  How odd...  This little one threw me for a loop, for sure!  Caught my eye in a bunch of House Sparrows, but couldn't get good looks, just the red cap, a line through the cap, and light beak.  My first thought was Juvenile White-Crowned Sparrow, second was American Tree Sparrow, it wasn't until I saw that eyeline that I realized it was a Chipper!  Pretty cool, and a darn good start to the year!

That House Sparrow on the other side of the feeder looks freakin' HUGE!

S/he was quite active.  Got chased by the House Sparrows a fair bit, but always came back.  Stay warm, little chipper!

And yes, the feeders have been refilled! 


Michael said...

A true winter rarity!

Mia McPherson said...


Great sighting and a beautiful bird!

artuso birds said...

Great record Nicole!


Nicole MacP said...

Thanks you guys!