Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wood Ducks at the park!

There's always a few Wood Ducks tucked in with the Mallards at our city parks, LOVE those colors!  These pictures were taken at St. Vital Park and Kildonan Park.

Ain't he cool?

You have to look close, but you can see a bit of iridescence on this female's wing feathers.

I was surprised to see that red orbital ring on that female!

Darn!  Almost got both in the frame!

This handsome male was keeping a very close eye on his lady who was feeding up on the bank with the Mallards.  Looked like he had a broken tail feather.

Love the spotty belly!

Another look at the broken feather.
A different male.


Mia McPherson said...

Nicole, Wood Ducks have such beautiful colors and you captured them all! Well done.

Nicole MacP said...

Thanks Mia!