Thursday, June 2, 2011

A few flowers

With most of the birds gone, attention goes to the flowers!

Cherry blossoms, taken about two weeks ago - most are gone now!

Flower buds on the Honeysuckle - I love how honeysuckles have two totally different types of leaves!  Our honeysuckle is pretty big, more than six feet tall, and probably just as wide.  We get hummingbirds on it, but not usually til the fall.

Another one planted for the birds - a Mohican Viburnum.  This one has shot up at least six inches this spring, and has a TON of flowers!  Not sure who eats the berries, but most of them disappear before they're even ripe!

One of the pink and yellow columbines

Closeups of Lilac blooms

A red Marigold, still full of water from a passing rainstorm


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