Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trip Report - St Johns Park

Gotta admit I was skeptical of seeing any birds here, this park, while it is on the river, is smack dab in the middle of town.

That's also an advantage though, it's nowhere near as crowded as some of the better destinations. 

There's a bit of a wayside park, just a nice big green area, before you get to the actual park.  Love to finally see all that green!

The river was still pretty high, and had formed a little lagoon at this spot.  That'll be shoreline within a couple of months!

I loved how these trees looked, fighting gravity so hard!  The shore where the roots were was well-trampled, they must be very attractive to kids!  I wonder how long they've been leaning into the water.

More shoreline trees, up to their knees in water.

The little lagoon was attractive to the ducks.  There was a lone Mallard male and a pair of Wood Ducks.  I managed to catch a picture of the male, but his mate was shy, and they took wing almost as soon as we spotted them.

The Mallard was a noisy guy!  I wonder if he had a mate and a nest nearby. 

We also got to see a Canada Goose family.  Baby goslings are the best!

There were a few warblers at the park itself.  Most were too high up and too active to pinpoint any identities.  I NEED to get better at birding by ear!  Did manage to get the binoculars on a singing male American Redstart (no pictures, darn!) and after a LOT of watching, managed to pin down a photograph (not the greatest!) of a male Yellow Warbler, who had also been singing his heart out. 

We also saw a few Chipping Sparrows (and heard a lot more!).  This American Crow was having a drink at another bit of floodwater. 


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