Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trip report - Assiniboine Park

The trip to St. John's Park was about a week ago, never got a chance to upload the pics.

Went to Assiniboine Park on Tuesday.  Hoping it would be (relatively) unpeopled, being a weekday, but still quite a crowd.  Hate to think what it'll be like on the weekend!

But it's beautiful!

The bridge to Portage Avenue is very well attended by Cliff Swallows.  Canada Geese were loafing on the shores, and a pair with a single gosling paddled/were swept underneath the bridge to land on the shore further along.  The river was full, and pretty fast (as it goes!)

The English Garden is already colorful, but it was in a bit of an inbetween stage.  Mostly tulips, but many of them (in particular, the yellows) were already finished.  Still lots to be seen!

This was a gorgeous big tree.  Wonder what kind - I want one!

A beautiful early iris!

I think these are Alliums. 

My only bird photograph other than the swallows.  Some kind of flycatcher, maybe a Phoebe?  Brutally bad photo!

Only saw a few birds.  Heard a lot, but could only identify a few.  Did get the bins (but not the camera) onto a hearily singing Red-Eyed Vireo, and heard some Goldfinches later on. 

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