Monday, June 6, 2011

Trip report - Kildonan Park

Another afternoon trip to another city park.  Not a whole lot of birds, did hear a few that I couldn't identify.  Did get a quick glimpse of an Eastern Phoebe though, thought that was pretty cool!  No pic though - darn!

A little stream near one of the gardens.

Kildonan Park has park ducks.  I don't know if these birds are wild or released - they look much more compact than the wild mallards I'm used to!

Thought this guy was a "manky" mallard, a duck with some domestic ducks in his background.  But he also looks similar to some pictures I've seen of American Black Duck x Mallard hybrids.  So I don't know!  There were a LOT more male ducks than females present, and lots of chasing going on.  This guy was paired up with a female, and was pretty vigorous in going after any others who came too close!

Female Mallard, preening

Female Mallard, looking for corn.  Almost looks like a mini-Mallard!

Male and female, male complaining!

This was a surprise, a late Song Sparrow, hunched on a perch near the riverbank. 

And a very nice male American Robin, looking for worms amongst the tulips!



Michael said...

Very nice. I never get tired of watching ducks of any kind!

Nicole MacP said...

Thanks Michael! I'm the same - we sat and watched the ducks for a good long time!