Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zoo wildlife

Going to the zoo isn't the most intrepid thing ever!  But Assiniboine Park Zoo has some neat wildlife amongst the fences. 

Lots of tree stands, and some fairly large treed areas.  Saw a good few crows, and heard a lot of other birds that I couldn't identify. 

This is Pearson Memorial Pond.  A very pretty little spot. 

As any park-like area, lots of Canada Geese around!  Time for the half-grown babies!

A real neat surprise was this Swainsons Hawk near the Elk enclosure!  It looked like he picked up a ground squirrel but dropped it...

Speaking of ground squirrels (Richardsons Ground Squirrel, to be precise), they were EVERYwhere!  This little guy raced right up to the stork (Saddle-Billed Stork), got this far, took a good luck, and scurried back under his rock!  Smart move, little guy!

This little guy was hanging out near the Cougar cage.  Just chillin', havin' a snack!

This guy's home was near the Bison.  Looks to me like he's saying "hey you kids, get offa my lawn!"


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