Friday, January 8, 2010

Junco with an eyering

I saw this bird in May of 2004, but sat on the pictures since because they are AWFUL!  I never quite figured out how to take window photographs with that camera - I have a few decent pics taken with it, but that's out of a TON of b-l-u-r-r-y ones. 

And here's some that aren't blurry!  First, another photograph from Hecla, also taken in May of 2005.  This is just such an insanely beautiful area!  I don't know if the strip on this birch was removed by a person - but a LOT of the trees in Hecla are stripped like this... 

And a bonus sunset.  This was taken June of 2005, I *think* in the neighborhood of Fort Whyte Alive, but I'm not positive. 

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