Saturday, January 9, 2010

Seven Sisters - Alternate viewpoint

If you continue past the picnic area, where you can go down to the falls and see the pelicans, there is a parking area and rough trail where you can get a different view of the water.  In May of 2005, we took this path and it rained on us, turning the path into a muddy, slippery mess!  The view was worth it though, and we got to see an American Redstart up close.  Even managed to get back *up* the trail and to the car!

Another photo as a reminder that beauty is where you find it.  I think I could photoshop those power lines out pretty easily, but I kind of like it the way it is.  Photographed in Souris, April of 2004.  See the little "wisp" on the upper left hand side?  This was apparently a hair that worked its way into my camera.  It didn't show up on all of my pictures, not even the same type of picture.  Mysterious. 

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