Monday, January 25, 2010

On the waters edge

I love this photo - I like to pretend it was taken in the jungle, on a cliff, right near the ocean.  Maybe this is a small tributary, or a tidal pool.  Or maybe the whole area is just one small island!  Who knows what's waiting over these cliffs... 

Yeah.  Anyways... 

So this is actually part of the Souris River Bend wildlife management area, a neat spot where the water swirls and foams against the bank.  Maybe an oxbow?  Not sure.  We had to navigate an AWFUL road to get here, but we made it in (and out!) and what a great little hidden spot.  Not sure if I could find it again.  You can also see how high up some of the surrounding fields are, and how deep the Souris River valley is in places.  Photographed August 7, 2005.  One of my favorite things about digital cameras is that date feature! 

I got my current digital camera July 25, 2005.  Sometimes I miss film, but when I stop and think about how much I spent on processing, all those no-good shots that I still had to pay for...  All hail the mighty and wondrous delete button! 

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