Friday, January 22, 2010

Lloyd's Gorge - the story

Well, I'm sure after a second look (or maybe after the first) the picture I posted yesterday was clearly not a mountainous valley.  It is actually an example of riverbank erosion in cropland. 

Here is what the whole area looked like a few days prior:

A minor stream, nothing that got in the way of planting crop.  But here's what it looks like to the left: 

For perspective, that's a fully-grown teenager regarding the carnage.  The woods that you can see are framing the riverbank.  The (Souris) River is actually quite a bit lower than the surrounding croplands, along most of its path through the area.  Here's another view of the "gorge", from which I cropped the photo posted yesterday. 

Another reason why tractors are so tall!  Can you imagine driving up to this?  You wouldn't see it until you were right on top of it...  Or right inside of it!  That's all mud and clay, good luck climbing out! 

How funny that the stream of water looks so small, so inocuous... 

A little more water visible here:

You can see the water working its way to the river, but the river is lower down still, not visible in this photo.  That fence post is suspended in mid-air, by the way!  That large "hump" of dirt is further towards the river. 

They apparently filled in the "gorge" later on, and I haven't been to check it out since I took these photos (in July of 2005).  Maybe this year!  I think these photos were taken with a disposable camera. 

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